Friday, March 18, 2016

Dream Scene

When I woke up this morning, Roger told me he'd had a dream last night about our trip.  We had just begun the trip, and for some reason, on the first night we found ourselves in New England.  He didn't know why we were there; after planning our initial route for some time starting in California we just somehow ended up on the East Coast.  Anyway, we didn't have anywhere to stay.  Why we weren't camping, he couldn't say.

I found a hotel for us to stay in the first night.  They had a special $75 rate, and that sounded good to me.  But, there were no rooms at that rate, apparently. So we were staying a luxurious, lavish suite, and when he asked how much it was costing us, I didn't know.  I guess I didn't ask, or the hotel wouldn't tell me!  But it was a very beautiful, old-style inn.  That much was clear in his dream.  To top it off, Roger had lost his wallet, so he didn't know how we were going to pay for the room!  (I guess in his dream, I did not have my wallet either - as if!)

Then he got concerned because we had told everyone we were going to do this months-long trip, and here we were having to bail on it, and everyone would know, because I was keeping a blog and had told the local newspaper I would be posting a weekly update . . .  I guess the thing to take away from all this is that we actually do have some anxieties about what we are undertaking.  Even if we think we are pretty good at problem solving,

e.  sometimes our problems follow us into our sleep!

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