Sunday, April 24, 2016

1: A most wonderful day

We could not have asked for a more perfect day to ride off into the sunset, as it were.  We actually started from our home around 7:20 am - but it was 7:30 pm when we made it to our hosts' home and were able to call it day.  And yes, we were racing the sunset as we battled the winds into Palmdale.

RWBTC invades McDonald's
Thanks, Mark, for a great send-off!
But let's back up a bit. Neighbors, family and friends came by to wish us well, and dozens of our cycling buddies rode out with us as far as the McDonald's on Hwy 138. What an amazing thing, to have an escort all the way across the valley and up the mountain.  Made me wonder if they were all riding along just to be certain that we really did leave!

Once our friends left, we were on our own for the climb up to Mountain Top. Hwy 138 is under construction.  Miles of K rails with plenty of traffic made for an anxious climb.  And it IS a climb!  Yikes! I was already thinking, "what can I throw out of these packs?"

Mt San Gorgonio in the background as we climb up Hwy 138

Not the best road of the day!
We did not really want to go so far on our first day, but there just aren't that many places to stay along the route.  We had the good fortune to bunk with Rob and Evelyn, the most gracious Warm Showers hosts we are likely to meet. They were all the way in Palmdale, though - so that's where we were headed.  Detours and really crappy roads were our lot, until we hit a really sweet section of the Pearblossom Highway that was all but empty. However, by this time, the headwinds were picking up. I'd say we fought them a good third to half of the 90 miles we rode that day.

We were tired and relieved to finally made our destination.  So, not quite averaging 10 miles an hour, we rode 90 miles in a 12 hour day,  Roger said, "that's the hardest day we're going to have on this tour.  Because I can't do anything any tougher!" Pushing 80 plus pounds up those hills, I'd have to agree.


  1. I'm sure it will take some time to get in a groove and figure out your comfort levels to keep a slow and steady pace. Sounds like an intense first day. It's all downhill from here....well, maybe not "all" downhill...��

  2. Ha Ha Dana... Well I wish the same - tailwind and downhill... may the next entry be filled with the speculation of magic and mystery on this tour!


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