Friday, April 22, 2016

And a little child shall lead them . . .

From Roger:

About 1000 last minute cleanup items.  Kind of like when you are packing up your house to move and you get down to the last half truckload full of stuff that doesn't fit into boxes or is too fragile to move or you can't decide whether to put it out on the curb.  Among our tasks today was a visit to our church-sponsored nursery to show Miss Liz and her charges our bike and gear.  They are going to follow us on a US map posted in their class, but were singularly unimpressed with our ambitious goal.  It seems the concept of distance is not even partially developed in most 4-year olds.  

Anyway we leave tomorrow at 8 from our coffee shop and what does not get done will just have to wait until October.

A couple of the kids get a sense of what it's like on the bike.  
We have been giving some thought to our log format; here is what Roger has come up with:

From - To
Time on bike
High points of our day
Low points of our day (if any)
Health issues and there will be some

Kathy's additions:
Average mph on the day

The children attend chapel several times a week; they have offered to pray for our safe return and we figure that can't hurt!  By the way, they were very taken with the bell, which is also one of my favorite things.  

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