Friday, June 3, 2016

42: Headed east at last

Jeff escorted us over to the ferry landing this morning, and we said fond farewells.  It's anyone's guess which of us will be back to Southern California first this fall!

The first 30 miles or so this morning were the easiest yet: we sat in plush comfort on the ferry back to Anacortes!  But look what lies ahead - the jagged peaks of the North Cascades.  
The Cascade Range from the ferry

Over the next few days, we will be climbing several summits as we cross through the North Cascades National Park. It seems we have timed this well, through no particular effort on our part. After weeks of cool and rainy weather, Washington is expecting temps in the 90s for the next few days.  Since we will be at higher elevations, we should get nice weather.

Being from the south (Houston, Texas), I don't think anything of hot weather.  It's part of my heritage.  So it's interesting to me to see that the weather advisory includes a warning not to go into the water to cool off this weekend.  Seems every year, people drown when they try to escape the heat in waters that are still too cold for swimming.  This is NOT a problem one would ever have on the Texas Gulf Coast! 

This should be steeper!
This was an odd ride.  We were approaching the mountain range, and went nearly 60 miles from the coast toward it. But we only gained about 400 feet in elevation. That's a very long slope up. Of course, it meant that today was not too tough, but it does sort of leave all the climbing for later!

It was pretty as we approached the mountains, and we did not have a lot of traffic on the roads. 

Those mountains are always in the background!
Our campground was in Rockport, (the second one you come to) and it was very nice.  The Skagit River was a great place to cool off our legs (Dana, do you remember dunking in the Umpqua River last year?)

The proprietor at the local watering hole had a great sense of humor, and when I asked if I could take her picture, she said no - but this is what she does . . . and she puts me behind the counter! So this is for you, Margie!
Kathy pulls a cold one

The day's report:  Friday Harbor to Rockport, 61 miles/1918 to date

Skagit River at campground

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