Friday, June 10, 2016

48: Going five for five

Five passes in five days
Today we finished the last of five passes in the first segment of the Northern Tier route. Sherman Pass is the highest (5575) but total climbing is not as much as yesterday's ascent. We had nice cool weather. Such a relief after the heat of the past several days!

Both the climb and our descent were back in the pine timber country. It was just beautiful! 
My favorite yoga pose - downward facing truck!

While these climbs are not easy, you are rewarded with some fantastic downhill runs. Today's was about 14 miles with gorgeous scenery and a stream sparkling beside the road for most of the way.
Great clouds, but no rain today!

We kept going after the pass so we could get a few more miles in today. All in all, over 6,000 feet of climbing, which is a big day for us. A full 8 hours in the saddle. We're staying at the Beaver Lodge, in a little cabin that is just like the one you probably stayed in as a kid somewhere.

Roger at Crystal Falls
We made a brief stop on the way down to view Crystal Falls.

We are running into a few more cyclists on the route now. Enjoyed visiting at dinner with a group of four that are traveling with a sag wagon. What luxury! They had news of Steve and Christy, the tourists we met several days ago. They're a little bit down the road ahead of us; it's possible we will see them on the trail again after Sandpoint.

So sweet - can we stay here all summer?
Dinner tonight - prime rib! Tomorrow we are headed to Sandpoint. So I'll see you in Idaho!

The day's report:  Republic to Beaver Lake, 77.6 miles/2222 to date

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