Sunday, June 12, 2016

51: Don't blink or you'll miss it!

That's not really a fair title - after all, we were in Idaho for two nights and we cycled 80 miles through the state, so it's not like we didn't get to see anything while we were there!

In fact, we really enjoyed our time in Sandpoint, and I might like to try to get back there some time.

Today, though, was about moving on to Montana, where an enterprising youngster can make a great living, pluckin' the ol' dennil floss that's growin' on the prairie . . . (more on that later).

Bruce will take care of you
We arrived at our campground on the Kootenai River, and needed something to whet our whistle so we took the packs off the bike and rode into the town of Troy.  There is a street called Bar Street, and sure enough, that is where we found the bars.  We selected the Home Bar, a great spot to hang out and chill for a while.  Bruce the owner caters to bikers (not cyclists, per se) but is very welcoming to all. Hotdogs for a buck (grilled, yummy!) and beer for $2.75.  Roger and I had several of each.  They will also let you pitch a tent in their garden space, so had we but known, that is where we would be tonight.

Instead, we are just a short way down the road, where I am typing out of doors at 10:10 pm because we are so far north and so far west in the Mountain Time Zone.  I am hoping the birds will quiet down soon so we can get some sleep!

Other great little secret spots:  Traveling through Sandpoint on a bike, and want to stay near town?  Get in touch with me! Our hostess has a way cool little bunkhouse with room for a crew, and is very helpful with local tips and such. Sharon will give you a great place to recharge, enjoy the local scene, maybe wash your bike.  Definitely a secret worth sharing!
Sharon has a great spot to stay

If you are hungry on the road, about 12 miles from Sandpoint up Hwy 2 there is a gas station (Conoco, I think it was) with a great little cafe in the back.  Good food, great prices and the view is out of this world.  A lovely find!

While there, we chatted with a former resident of Yucaipa - George Rohrich (wife is the former Robin Brady). They live up here now, but he noticed our club jerseys and asked about our town.

In another "small world" episode, we met Michael, another cyclist, when we stopped on the roadside for a break. He was riding with the Ride to Recovery group two falls ago at the same time that we were riding with the MS Challenge ride over in Santa Barbara.  So we probably rode right past each other 18 months ago!

So now we begin our trek across Montana.  Such a big state. So many options. We will consult friends on the best route to take...
No lie, this is the view from the little cafe at the gas station about 12 miles up Hwy 2 from Sandpoint. Don't miss it.
 The day's report:  Sandpoint to Troy, 70.6 miles/2379 to date

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  1. Happy Birthday, Roger!
    Great rides so far, and you made it through the Cascades!
    Kathy, your writing and photos continue to inspire.
    Love to you both, Linda


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