Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Devil's Tower

The Silver Queen inside the car
We left Hardin jammed into the Goble's SUV - two tandems, camping gear, packs and the four of us. Amazing job getting it all to fit!

Zoom, zoom, zoom we went across the state and into Wyoming - our seventh state, but not one in which we would ride, as it turned out. We camped at the base of the Devil's Tower, which is certainly worth a visit if you are in these parts. Trouble is, had we ridden our bike out there, we had at least four days of riding to get there, and in some cases, no real place to stay at the place that you'd want to stop. Not many opportunities for water or food, either. So we were happy to get a lift over there.

Pretty imposing sight, at any time of day
Having a car for travel meant that Joanne and Gary had brought lovely things that one does not get to enjoy when touring by bicycle - like a thermos full of margaritas and some chips and guacamole. Now we're living!

Roger, Joanne and Gary

We are not alone!
View from the campsite
The local eatery has a collection of "Close Encounter" memorabilia, including this cool old pin ball machine.

I wish I could remember where I was last weekend!

From the Tower, we headed to the Black Hills. We had planned to ride around the Tower, but smoke from fires in the area made it very unpleasant and we opted to head east to South Dakota.

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