Monday, June 13, 2016

52: Keep on spinning, spinning, spinning . . .

If you saw "Finding Nemo" you remember Dory, who just had to "keep on swimming." Well, today was one of those days when I just had to keep saying to myself, "keep on spinning." Some days you got legs, some days you don't. Today I did not not.

It was a long day, anyway - 8 hours on bike to go about 78 miles. They were mostly uphill miles, too. Although we had a bit of descending, it was just choppy and not something that gave you a good rest. So this was like being on the exercise bike or stairmaster for 8 hours.  Ugh. Just an endless day, and I was tired to start out with because I just didn't get enough sleep last night. Something about the daylight that lasts until 10:30!

We did stop for a bit to view the Kootenai Falls, which a local fellow mentioned were used in a scene in The Revenant. I didn't see the film, so cannot vouch for that, but they were pretty spectacular. I don't think my picture does the scene justice.

Other than that, it was rolling mostly up through forests, which were lovely enough but I just felt like I had had enough of them by mile 35 and there were still 45 miles to go!

Gary, Debbie and Dennis - bound for Virginia
We were a bit worried about running out of water - the places to stop are few and far between up here - but several guys riding by said their sag wagon would be waiting ten miles down the road and they would be happy to fill our water bottles . . . so thanks to Debbie, Dennis and Gary for sharing a few moments while we had our lunch and giving us water and a cushion to sit on!  What luxury!  If you got a good photo when we passed you at the campground, leave a comment with your email address.  I'd love to get a copy of us on the bike. We would have stopped but it was the first time all day we had a bit of momentum!

10:00 pm at night!
We are staying in another little cabin by another little lake - there's a lot of that going around in this part of the world!  This one is so cute I think I would like to have one just like it for my own tiny house.

The day's report:  Troy to McGregor Lake, 77.8 miles/2457 to date.

Tomorrow should be a bit easier - just 35 miles or so to Kalispell - but I have learned to never take anything for granted!


  1. I can't imagine a better place to take an extra day off the bike! Don't rush it....gorgeous is the new verb!

    1. Well, no rest for the wicked . . . we rode on to Kalispell today (2 1/2 hours in the rain) but our Warm Showers hosts are so nice! Tomorrow, we head into Glacier NP, where it appears we have some fresh snow to enjoy.


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