Saturday, June 11, 2016

50: Happy Birthday, Roger!

We spent Day 50 of our Excellent Adventure enjoying the sights and sounds of Sandpoint, Idaho. You could say that we have ridden 2,300 miles so that Roger could enjoy his birthday here. But that's not really the truth. It just so happened that this is where we are, and it was such a nice place to hang out, and we were both beat after two very long days in the saddle, so we just stayed put.

Sandpoint has a farmers and crafters' market on Saturday mornings, and I enjoyed seeing some of the very clever items on offer.  One woman was serving up paella in the biggest dish I have ever seen!
Paella, anyone?

Jill sells bicycle baskets that she and her daughter make.  I don't think they are quite up to the rigor of a cross-country tour, but I would love to have one for use at home.  If you want one, she is on Facebook
Not planning to swap for these, but they are cool!

And another woman crafts beautiful and unique pants from old blue jeans. If not for the weight of them, I might have selected a pair.  (I simply am not allowed to pick up any souvenirs on this trip - no room in the packs!) If you want to reach her, leave me a message, or expand the photo so you can read her business card!

Jenni can design custom ones for you
Roger had some bike work to do. After our flat yesterday, he noticed that we had a funny sound with each wheel revolution. Usually I am the one that's "hearing things" but this time, it was him. We never did identify it on the road, but when we arrived at our lodging and he was washing the bike, he saw it - the bead was separated from the tire wall and the tube was bulging through. We were extremely lucky that this did not cause a blowout while we were completing our ride yesterday!

Anyway, there's a bike store in town, and so we got new tires.  Roger also replaced the chain. Everything is clean and lubed and ready to go for tomorrow. By the way, we got 1750 miles on the Schwalbe tires. Until yesterday, no flats in all that time. So I am a believer! The local guys did not carry them, so we are trying Continental Tour Plus tires for this next leg.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

There were several showers today; the clouds over town have been stunning and we are glad we were not on the road in the rain again. Still, we are pragmatic about it - we are in the early summer season in the mountains, and so we fully expect to run into rain again soon. I don't really mind much as long as I know that I have someplace dry to end the day. I have not yet had to put up a tent in the rain, and I am hoping that we will be able to avoid that fate.

Blueberry pie with ice cream, of course! 
Let me now say just a word about my guy - my partner in this crazy venture, my captain, my love:  Roger turns 72 today! After seven weeks on the road, and 22 years into our relationship, he continues to amaze and inspire me, every day. There does not seem to be a problem that he does not know how to fix. He remains in good spirits despite delays, breakdowns, physical aches and pains, heat, rain, cold and long days in the saddle. He handles the bike, puts those heavy packs on it every day, keeps it running, and plots our routes and finds our lodging most every day. And he just keeps turning those pedals - he is so incredibly strong! This is a heck of a lot of work, and he does the bulk of it. Without him, I would never have had a chance to do this amazing trip. My life would not be the excellent adventure that it is every day, and so I give thanks all the time for our life together.

Roger - you rock my world! Happy Birthday, honey!


  1. I'm taking notes and will be stopping at some the places you have been. I'm going to tell them I'm looking for a crazy couple on a bike running from the law. Lol.
    Happy Birthday Roger

  2. I'm taking notes and will be stopping at some the places you have been. I'm going to tell them I'm looking for a crazy couple on a bike running from the law. Lol.
    Happy Birthday Roger

    1. You for sure must stop in at the Home Bar in Troy, MT. Caters to a biking crowd (more the motor than human-powered type) but very friendly, and great prices! You can camp there in their garden/yard, also.


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