Sunday, October 2, 2016

162: KaRoPalooza begins

I have to explain the name of this post. My parents have used a conjunction of their names (Mary and Bob) - Marbo - as the prefix for their email account for years.  So we sometimes refer to them collectively as "Marbo" and when celebrated their 60th anniversary a few years ago, Melinda coined the term "MarboPalooza" for the festivities.

In this year, they both celebrated their 85th birthdays, and so this summer, we held MarboPalooza II at my brother's house to enjoy each other's company and raise a toast to everyone for their birthday this year. So I figured while Roger and I were in Texas on our Excellent Adventure, perhaps we could have a KaRoPalooza so that we'd have a chance to visit with some of our family, as we'd been somewhere across the country back in June when everyone got together, and weren't able to join them.

My older sister wasn't able to make it, but two of her sons came and brought their families. And my other sister and brother were there, with their spouses. So it was a pretty fine group, and we had a great time visiting, eating - and riding! - while everyone was here for the weekend.

First thing Saturday, Mom and I hit the farmers' market for some goodies. Waco has a very fine market, with some great local and organic farmers, cheeses, meats, food vendors and such.

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One really cool vendor with a product I've not seen before was Crowned Bird Cafe, which was making up and serving something they called "Puffles" - a waffle-like confection with fresh fruit and amazing sauces. These are based on a street food popular in Hong Kong called quai gai jaan. If you are in Waco, go try them - they are great.

Samples of the puffles
The other thing we did was drive by the silos. Man, the SILOS! If you are a fan of the Fixer Upper show, I guess you know about the silos. I don't watch the show, but it was clear that it's very popular. This place was mobbed! They have a trolley bus that runs from the farmers' market to the silos and downtown. There were people everywhere. It goes to show - if you renovate it, they will come!

These silos have become a huge tourist attraction
My nephews Jason and Nathan arrived by Saturday afternoon, and their children had a great time playing. We even got to take a short ride with them on Sunday, while Nathan's wife Caitlin looked after the kids at the park.

Play ball!

Zeke and Stuart

Dad, Caitlin with Stuart, Nathan and Jericho, Amelie

Jericho with uncle Nathan

Nathan on the Brockton

Jason down by Lake Waco

Some trick riding

Dad tries out the tent with Zeke and Jericho

Sunday was Oktoberfest at Melinda and Colin's house. More on that tomorrow!


  1. My sister-in-law lived in WAyCOol Texaa. She took us to Buzzard Billy's Armadillo Bar and Grillo. Your title reminded me of that visit with her family.

    1. It does seem that Waco has some cool stuff going on, for sure!

  2. While riding today on Cape Cod we met a group of cyclists from Red lands who knew you two.Didn't get names but one guy was very tall,he even brought his own seat post for the rental bike. They said to day hi to you.Paul and Jane ,York PA.


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