Sunday, October 9, 2016

170: Thank you, Gordon MacRae!

The only complaint we could have possibly had about our time on the bike yesterday was that we had that modest headwind. Well, that was taken care of today - which made this an absolutely perfect day for riding. It had warmed up enough that didn't need the leg and arm warmers; we wore the coolers instead. No need for a shell, either. Just perfect weather, a nice tailwind, smooth roads and long climbs.

A couple scenes from the ride:

This guy is making money on all levels - the air, the ground, and what's below it. What you couldn't see is the cell tower just out of the frame - so he's making money on that as well!
Triple threat - making money with wind, oil, and grazing cattle!

I loved this roadside art.  

We arrived in Chickasha and were looking for lunch - happily we looked on the phone and found Mama Carol's Kitchen. The place was packed, and no wonder - everyone loves home cooking.  We both had the special meatloaf plate, which was really good. I met the owner's mom in the parking lot, and so we had a chance to visit during lunch. We were surprised and touched when her son Bart picked up the tab for our lunch. So here's a big "Thank you" for your generosity and kindness!

Bart and Joe
The day's report:  Duncan to Chickasha, 40.1 miles/7904 to date
With mom Faye

A short route today

I'll close with the words from the song from Oklahoma:

Oh, what a beautiful mornin',
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin'
Ev'erything's goin' my way

(lyrics by Gordon MacRae)

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