Wednesday, October 5, 2016

165: Old friends in new places

Doesn't everyone have a steer-shaped BBQ pit?
One of the joys of our trip is catching up with friends in the cities we've visited. Most of the time, these are people that we met in our travels, or in one of our home cities through the years, and they now live somewhere new. So it is with Pete, who is a friend from our riding club back in Redlands. He moved out to Texas a few years ago, and now lives in Fort Worth.

Pete playing hooky
So he set us up with a bike shop to handle the wheel exchange, and then met us for a short tour of some of Fort Worth's coolest features:  the bike trails, riverside, cool eateries, and down home burger joint.  These are all things that Roger and I enjoy, and such was our synchronicity that we were just a few minutes from his proposed rendezvous point when he circled up on the bike path right beside us!
Cyclists have their own bridge over the river

Roger and Pete at breakfast
Breakfast was delicious at Press Cafe, right on the river pathway. Since it is right next to Mellow Johnny's, it's the launching site for numerous cycling groups every weekend. I have to confess, it beats the heck out of Antonious Pizza for a post-ride beer - not that there's anything wrong with the beer prices at our favorite Redlands post-ride refreshment stop!

A few  more miles enjoying the river and then we arrived at the bike shop, where Roger was like a kid at Christmas unwrapping the new wheels.

Fort Worth skyline from the Trinity River trail

Is it possible to have "buyer's remorse" on anything related to more cool new bike stuff?  I don't know. But Roger was wondering if we really needed the wheels after our ride yesterday proceeded without incident. For that, we have to thank a couple of the engineers in our family; on Sunday, both Colin and Jason were out with Roger in the garage, offering expert opinions and some dang good advice about how to deal with the bent axle. Only problem - their advice about how best to position the axle to minimize the chain issue was diametrically opposed! I won't say how it ended up, but I will report that the ride in from Waco was not burdened by the problem. So, have we bought new wheels for nothing?
Kincaid's Grocery and Burger Grill

Gotta admit they are pretty!
A fine Texas burger for lunch, and then a hand-off to my sister Becky for the ride out to their place in Azle completed our day. Well - almost! The rest of the day included a little toddy and some fine time on the porch enjoying the lake breeze.
Kathy and Becky  enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic on the porch

We ended up with one of our shortest days on the bike yet - 11.6 miles - but it was "on the route" and we'll complete the journey to Azle on the bike tomorrow with Becky's husband Jim and perhaps a few of his buddies.

The day's report:  Fort Worth to Azle, riding 11.6 miles/7701 to date.

Our squirrelly path today

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