Friday, October 7, 2016

166: Feeding body and soul

One of the lovely things about a rest day is that we have a chance to do some things other than ride the bike. If I can find a yoga class, I like to go. I haven't done it often, but it always feels good to try the poses, relax and work some different muscles for a change.

Since the bike was back in Fort Worth awaiting new wheels, today was a day for all sorts of treats.  My sister regularly attends a yoga class on Wednesday mornings, and so I was able to accompany her. Jan gave us a great workout!  And then, a real treat - a massage that Becky had arranged for me. Yes, I know I had one not even a week ago. But who can resist a massage?  And Elvira has a magic touch. Sigh.
Elvira worked her magic on my muscles

Becky and her husband Jim live on a lake, and so we also had a chance to go play on the lake. Now, I will ride the bike with Roger anywhere - and I have - but I didn't choose to go tandem with him on the SeaDoo!  Instead, I chose to ride with Becky, who took us around the lake and up the creek for a great look at some of the wild life there. Since I am a bird watcher, it was a particular treat to be able to see some egrets and kingfishers over the water as we cruised along. We also got a good view of an osprey over the lake.
Roger considers his next ride
Up a creek without a paddle?

Walnut Creek off Eagle Mountain Lake

Great Egret

And then there was dinner - more home-cooking and a chance to visit with my niece and nephew and his girlfriend.  We had some great goodies from our cousins in Croatia, who had sent Becky and Jim home with a suitcase full of their home made brandies, meats and jams.
Croatian appetizers and cordials

Jim, Paula, me, Becky and Rachel with a toast - Hvala!
Happy Aleska

So, that's what I did on my day off - ate, drank, played, rested, and enjoyed my family. All is well.

Roger, Jim, Becky, Rachel, Byron, Paula

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