Tuesday, October 4, 2016

164: The longest day

Only in Texas would you have a BBQ pit shaped like a gun!
We have really had a great gift with the weather the past few days. Even since we left Houston last Tuesday, we've had cooler weather.  The skies were clear and the air cool over the weekend, making our weekend gathering very comfortable. So when we headed out this morning, we were anticipating another nice day. What we did not expect, but were delighted to enjoy, was a wonderful tailwind for the entire day!

We rode through Waco and out the north end of town, expecting to reach Alvarado (about 70 miles away). But we were both rested and feeling so cocky, and making such good time, that we decided about lunch time that we had a chance to go all the way to Fort Worth in one day. So I contacted my niece, and asked if we could bunk with them, and then sailed on the winds into the city.
Hillsboro courthouse 
No relation!

This was our longest day yet, at 95.1 miles. We averaged 15.1 miles an hour, too - our best yet for a loaded bike. (We had one short day when we averaged 16 miles an hour, but as Roger was quick to point out, "we weren't carrying the packs that day so it doesn't count!")

Along the road, Colin passed us as he was driving to his work site in Cameron. It was a surprise to have the truck pull up next to us and see a familiar face!

Who's that?

A final so-long to Colin on the road
We had a nice visit with Rachel and Jeff and baby Aleska. They live in a cool neighborhood near downtown, and we walked to a great pizza place for dinner. Turns out they are also just a few miles from the bike shop where we will need to go tomorrow to check on our bike wheels!

Rachel, Jeff and Aleska
The day's report:  Waco to Fort Worth, 95.1 miles, 7690 to date

Blow me all the way to Fort Worth

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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering about the route - in Texas the car dealers have ensured that just about every foot of Interstate also has a feeder road.


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