Tuesday, October 25, 2016

186: We may never pass this way again

Early morning rain
It was sprinkling when we went for breakfast, but it had stopped by the time we were rolling out, and the skies ahead were clearing.  The road had even dried up enough that we were not being bathed in the spray each time a truck went by. We had 22 miles of riding on the shoulder (and yes, we had another flat) before turning off the interstate into the painted desert and the Petrified Forest National Park.

What a delight that turned out to be! I was so pleased that we could spend a day riding through the park, stopping to view the incredible desert colors and petrified logs. This is a stop worth making if you are driving through Arizona on Interstate 40.  Roger and I were not able to spend the time to make some of the longer walks, but what we saw was spectacular. And they had recently paved the road, so it was great riding!
Taking advantage of that rare rain

While we were viewing the introductory movie, I was chatting with the woman seated next to me, who asked where we were headed. When I said "home to Redlands," she said, "I'm from Redlands"!  So here is another small world moment - her mother is the director of the nursery school program at our church - and has been for decades!  So if you are from Trinity Episcopal, let Bev know that Carol says, "hi" and will see her soon. Carol and her husband were planning an overnight in the park (doing some wilderness camping.)

The painted desert near the north end of the park
The old Painted Desert Inn, now a museum

Other-worldly landscape
Beautiful colors in the petrified wood
Turned out to be an unbelievably beautiful day
Huge big trees

The day's report:  Chambers to Holbrook, 71.6 miles/8890 to date

Our route today

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