Tuesday, October 11, 2016

171: Long time, no see

A beautiful start to a great day
We stayed tonight with my college roommate, Lou, and her husband Hal (also a Rice Owl). When Roger asked me how long it had been since I'd seen her, I was stumped. I had the notion that I'd been to her home, but I couldn't think when that had been. Lou was able to fill in the blanks for me: we probably last saw each other at her wedding, some 25 years ago - at which time I had provided the "something borrowed" for her wedding ensemble by loaning her my earrings! Since that time, we've kept in touch mainly through our annual Christmas cards and notes, and occasional emails. But it only goes to show - if you have a good friend at one point in your life, you will likely always be able to enjoy that friendship, even if time and space come between you.
Kathy and Lou

I was delighted to see my old friend and catch up on their lives, and Lou, Roger and I enjoyed a fantastic meal at Guernsey Park. I asked her to recommend someplace where we could have a nice meal, as I have this feeling we are about to descend into another food desert as we travel the back roads on Route 66 for home. We were not disappointed - each of us had something different and all were delicious!
Duck breast - delicious!

As we drove to the restaurant, Lou pointed out a few of the sights, including the state capital building and some of the very interesting old homes.
We hit this just right, with the sunset setting it aglow

On the way into Oklahoma City, we had a relatively smooth ride with favorable winds. Of course, we were still headed north, and the prevailing winds from the south made that easy. It does not portend well for tomorrow though - as we turn the corner and begin our trek west!

Along the way, we passed fields planted with what appeared to be wheat, just coming up. So we are coming full circle, having first seen the "amber waves of grain" - back in Montana, I think - and now seeing the crops being planted for next spring's harvest.

Along the roadside, the grasses are dried and brown. Blowing in the wind, they make a nice crunching, swishing, fall-like sound as we ride by. And off to the west, it appears that someone may be getting some foul weather - but not us!  We are riding on the wind, and having one of those magnificent days on the bike.
Next year's wheat just coming up

Someone may be getting some weather out there - but not us!

We rode for a time on a very nice bike path along the river just south of town.

A very nice ride along the Oklahoma River south of town
And we made a stop at the memorial for the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing.  It is a peaceful, sobering place.
Arches reflect the time of the bombs

The reflecting pond

A chair for each victim

The day's report:  Chickasha to Oklahoma City, 59.6 miles/7964 to date. Tomorrow we will hit 8000 miles!

The route

PS - while at the memorial, a couple came up to say hello. They were also "Kathy and Roger" and were intrigued by our jerseys. So here we are all are:  Roger and Kathy and Roger and Kathy!

Selfie with selves

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