Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10: Do you know the way to San Jose?

Our trip today began with an amazing 20 miles on the Coyote Creek bike trail from Morgan Hill to San Jose.

This nicely paved route ran along the creek past wetlands and ponds, beneath fantastic oaks, sycamores and other natives, and gave us a safe, beautiful and speedy trip between two cities that would have otherwise had us hugging the shoulder of Hwy 101.

I think if I lived in the area I would be on this trail every day.  It was that lovely.

Anyone who doubts the value of bike trails should spend an hour on this one.  In about that amount of time, I counted 70 to 80 people using the trail or amenities adjacent to it.  Folks were cycling, running, walking, bird-watching, eating lunch. There were moms with baby carriages and couples with dogs. Business-folk were taking calls or just having a break.

I bet that you could sit in many static city parks and not see that many people in an hour on a Monday morning! 
Roger at the end of the tunnel

After we reached San Jose, we wound our way to another trail along the Guadaloupe River there.  This one was more urban, and a bit gritty.  Reminded me of the Santa Ana River Trail in places, right down to the encampments of other-wise homeless people.  As we rode its length, we passed Woz(niak) Plaza, PwC and Oracle, SAP Center, and the hotels that service them:  Hyatts, Marriotts and Hiltons. There was no doubt we were in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We finally reached the tip of the bay, and were on our way to our third bike trail when it turned to gravel. With the weight of the tandem, we decided against that route and stopped in a beautiful park to reassess. Google maps got us to our friends’ home in Menlo Park after a tour of absolutely lovely homes in Palo Alto and Mountain View. Boy, have these cities changed in the years since Roger lived up this way!

More from the Coyote Creek bike trail
All in all, this was a great day on the bike.  Not too much distance, very little climbing, great weather and a decent speed, even with all the stop-and-go of urban riding. Over the entire 55 miles, we rode only a few miles on roads without bike lanes. And as we rode, particularly in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and the communities nearby, we saw LOTS of people on bikes. Guys dressed for work, with bags slung on their shoulders. If you build it – they will ride! 

The day's report: Morgan Hill to Menlo Park, 55 miles/557 to date


  1. You two inspire me! Love hearing about your days and adventures. Be safe and journey on!! Judy

  2. Keep the updates coming. Love reading about your adventures!

  3. Thanks for coming along on our Excellent Adventure!

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