Tuesday, May 31, 2016

37: Seattle Sunday

It was a real pleasure to stay a day with friends in Seattle. First off, there was rain (again). So it was particularly nice to be indoors, standing in the dry kitchen, and watching the rain come down outside. Second, it was just so lovely to reconnect with an old friend, and have a chance to catch up.  And third, it was great to have a day off the bike!

Ben's paella - a work of art
Gaye and Ben own a winery, (http://cadencewinery.com/) so I enjoyed learning about the business end of producing wine, as well as tasting a few of their blends. And Ben is a great cook, putting together a delicious paella that we enjoyed with their rose wine. A perfect pairing!

Gaye's a good cook, too, and she prepared a peach cobbler for dessert.  And, they have a bona fide espresso machine. Does it get any better than this?
Peach cobbler for dessert!
Gaye in the kitchen
Gaye and I took a walk down to Lake Washington. The floating bridge (Interstate 90) is pretty cool. When her sister (my bff Linda) said "they live above the 90" I thought that meant "just north of" as you might read a map.  But no - she meant it literally! The highway comes off the lake and then into a tunnel, and it really is the case that Ben and Gaye's home is "above" this tunnel.

The I-90 Floating Bridge
Gaye en route
We did not see Mt. Rainier until Monday morning, when the clouds cleared enough to give us a nice view over the lake. Gaye and Ben rode with us out to the University of Washington, where we bid them farewell to head for the islands.

Gaye and Ben, ready to roll

Mt Rainier over Lake Washington

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  1. Beautiful! As you can see I'm catching up..,seems like time got away from me this last week. Amazing that you have seemingly flown through several states while I have gone from a state of disrepair to repaired to 1 week post repaired all while moving very little...upstairs to downstairs, etc. keep up the good work!


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