Thursday, May 19, 2016

27: Rack 'em up!

Wouldn't this make a good jigsaw puzzle?
Our ride today was a flat return from Fort Klamath at the base of Crater Lake to Klamath Falls - a chance to ride pretty much unencumbered with a stiff tailwind for much of the route. What fun! We averaged 16 miles an hour, which we seldom do at home. But when can we ride 36 miles with only 500 feet of climbing around Redlands?

I enjoy seeing the birds as we ride - today again we spotted a bald eagle, egrets, herons, osprey, hawks and northern harriers. Lots of red-winged blackbirds and some yellow-headed ones, which we don't see often in our part of the world. Kingbirds, meadowlarks, killdeer, ducks, grebes, and cormorants.  The sandhill cranes a couple days ago were a real treat for me.

Ingenious bike stand
Lorena and Dick had welcomed another touring cyclist, so Roger, Matt and Dick got the new rack put on the bike and then we all had a wonderful dinner together.  I'll be sorry to leave new friends behind when we head out tomorrow.

It's likely to be cold - we figure we are going to be headed into the wind with 40 degree weather, and a chance of rain (or snow!)  Oh well.  We knew it was bound to happen sometime.

The day's report:  Fort Klamath to Klamath Falls, 36.4 miles/1267 to date
Dick with canoe he built

Lorena with Speedwell

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