Saturday, May 7, 2016

Can't help but wonder where I'm bound

Sometimes we sing while we are riding. On the way to Pinnacles National Park, I started this one, and Roger joined in. He taught me this song several years ago when we were hiking up Dana Peak in the Sierras (just by the Tioga Pass to Yosemite National Park.) It's one of our favorites.

You can get a sense of the wind that day by the sound - if I knew more about recording on the phone maybe I could cut that down some. Since we aren't that easy to hear, I've included the lyrics here. This gem of a song is by Tom Paxton. (We also decided that next time, we won't try to record while we are riding uphill - not enough breath!)

Roger and Kathy on the road with Tom Paxton

It's a long and a dusty road
It's a hot and a heavy load
And the folks that I meet ain't always kind
Some are bad, some are good
Some have done the best they could
Some have tried to ease my troubled mind

And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound
Where I'm bound
And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound

I have wandered thru this land
Just a doing the best I can
Tryin to find what I was meant to do
And the people that I see
Look as worried as can be
And it looks like they are a wondering, too

I had a little girl one time
She had lips like Sherry wine
I loved her till my head went plumb insane
But I was too blind to see
She was drifting away from me
And my good gal went off on the morning train

And I had a buddy back home
But he started out to roam
I hear he's out by Frisco Bay
And sometimes when I've had a few
His old voice comes a ringing thru
And I'm going out to see him some old day

If you see me passing by
And you sit and you wonder why
And if you wish that you were a rambling too
Nail your shoes to the kitchen floor
Lace them up and bar the door
Thank your stars for the roof that's over you

And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound
Where I'm bound
And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound

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