Thursday, May 12, 2016

20: Got to be moving on

We left Tahoe with mixed emotions.  Obviously we cannot stay forever, but it's always hard to leave our dear granddaughters!
Dana, Violette, Roger and Phebee
Dana made the departure easier for us by riding along as far as Graeagle.
Dana on the road

This was a spectacular day on the bike.  Roger was using the new bar-end shifters with ease.  We still have a few gear ratios to adjust, but by and large the shifting was smooth and the ride was not impacted by the change from the STI shifters.
Near Sierraville, on Hwy 89

The scenery along Hwy 89 was stunning.  Beautiful pine forests, creeks and rivers (with water rushing, no less!) and lush pastures were all on display.  Perfect weather for riding, and a nice tailwind for a good portion of the ride, to boot!
So wonderful to see water in the streams and rivers!

Open fields near Sierraville

I particularly enjoyed the deep blue lupines along the roadway - which I would call bluebonnets if I were in Texas.  They are not so lush nor plentiful as you find in Texas, but they were lovely nonetheless and reminded me of my home state.
Lupines along roadside

Having been off for several days, our legs were a bit creaky, but we covered 73 miles at 12 mph, so we did alright.

Dana and Roger before saying goodbye
We weren't sure how far we would go today, but felt good enough at Graeagle to press for Quincy.  Rosie at the Spanish Creek Motel was impressed to see us ride up on our bike, so she gave a break on the room!  Thank you!

The day's report:  Truckee to Quincy, 73 miles.883 to date

Scene near Quincy


  1. I think I will have a beer to toast you this weekend!

  2. You guys look like you're having a blast! Ride on!


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