Sunday, May 1, 2016

9: Must be living right

Leaving Pinnacles National Park:

If yesterday was a slog uphill into the wind to find there was no room to pitch our tent, today was our reward.

This was the kind of ride every cyclist dreams of: gently rolling, mostly downhill, a great road surface, beautiful scenery and a slight wind at our back!

The open road
Blue skies, not a cloud anywhere, and perfect temps.  I would ride that 20 miles 10 times!

(Probably not going to see a readout like this one often on this trip!)

Cows are always interested as we pass

We passed some sweet ranches and finally saw a cell tower up on a hill.  We retrieved our messages to learn that our request to bunk with another Warm Showers host had been granted.  Yay!

Lunch in Hollister was followed by a return to the fields, farms and fruit trees.  Boy, do we grow a lot of food in California.  Today we passed lots of cherry trees, planted in neat rows and chevrons.
I love the patterns that the rows and columns produce as you go by
More cauliflower and lettuces, and man! who knew we needed so much cabbage!  It's everywhere.

I promise, this dirt looked really rich and dark when I shot it!
Best we can tell as we ride by, the material left after the harvest is left to rot in the fields.  Eventually, it's plowed in several times before the field is prepared for the next planting.  This improves the soil over time, so all these fields look great.  Since my momma is always complaining about the poor soil in Waco - Mom, this photo of the dirt is for you!

Hosts with the mosts! Bob and Kris
We were welcomed like family by Bob and Kris, who also ride a tandem. Theirs is a Bike Friday with a motor! Kris is captain of the tandem now, and they lead weekly rides with their bike club and are managing now to beat some of the younger riders up the climbs. I am intrigued by the idea!  They shared their home with us, we met the grandkids, watched Nemo, had a great meal, and generally made ourselves at home.  It will be hard to leave their warm hospitality tomorrow!

Bob has a "bike bathroom" with memorabilia from his years of cycling.  I've included a couple of pictures.

The day's report:  Pinnacles National Park to Morgan Hill, 55 miles/502 to date

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