Saturday, May 7, 2016

15: Hunkered down

This was sort of a bonus day.  We got a few miles transferring to a Warm Showers host, and Roger was able to take care of 60% of the shifting problem. Which is to say, we will be heading up Donner Summit tomorrow with the small and medium chain rings - no large ring. I don't anticipate that will be a problem!

When it is time to come down, we will mostly coast, and with the gears we have, we should have sufficient range. Once we reach Truckee, there's a good bike shop and Roger's already been in touch with them about replacing the shifters and taking care of the problem. That will give us several days to visit with our daughter in Tahoe, AND it also probably removes the need to go over Brockway Summit, since the bike will need to stay in Truckee!

Given how tough yesterday was, both Roger and I are enjoying a day of rest. We can recharge all our devices, and ourselves. We are finding that very easy at the comfortable aerie of our hosts, Doug and Beth.  Both have been very generous with their time and made it easy for us to rest and take care of the bike, laundry and directions.  Truly authentic folks, and a pleasure to meet!

And just in case you find yourself on I 80 going from Reno to Sacramento, you should know that the Colfax Motor Lodge is a great deal - clean, newly refreshed and very reasonably priced.

It doesn't look like much on the outside, but the room was spacious, the bed comfortable, and the owners very gracious.

This was as delicious as it was beautiful!
And for breakfast, lunch or dinner, try Cafe Luna.  Great little place with some Mexican grill favorites plus sandwiches, eggs, and dinner specials.  The Pecan and Gorgonzola Salad was not only delicious, but beautifully presented.  The evening's specials included carne asada, chicken mole, and grilled salmon.  Yum.

Even though the Cafe is run by our host's daughter, I believe that she is correct in saying it's the best place in town!

The day's report: Shelter in place, Colfax - 3 miles/755 to date

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