Thursday, May 5, 2016

12: Sitting on the dock of the bay

It was impossible not to think of that song as we rode across the Dumbarton Bridge away from Menlo Park. I guess it's normal to ride the Dumbarton bridge over San Francisco Bay. Normal, that is, for people who live out here, but it felt pretty special to me.

Study in grey

The dark sky was just the normal overcast, I guess, because we had good weather all day and made it to Concord by mid-afternoon.  Then we had a great meal at Tower Grill before heading for our hosts, Betsy and Peter.

On the bridge we met Sante, who has a girlfriend that lives in Redlands!  Small world, part one.  He is an entrepreneur with a product called "Pocket Coach" - check it out:  I have a feeling that we will be saying someday, "yeah, I met that guy on the Dumbarton Bridge one morning"!

Why wouldn't every town put bike paths under on the electric easement?
This was largely an urban ride. We again spent 20 plus miles on a wonderful bike trail. This was the Iron Horse Trail, and we took it north from Hayward all the way to Concord. Such a fabulous thing to have in a community.
If you notice the bridge - that leads to downtown shops!

Wildflowers along the Iron Horse Trail

We were delighted to have tailwinds for a good portion of the day, and at this point our only real concern is how we will make it into the Tahoe Basin to see our daughter this weekend. The weather is not looking good.

Small world, part two: our hosts, Betsy and Peter. Note Peter's jersey!

The day's report:  Menlo Park to Concord, 58 miles/615 to date


  1. Go, Kathy and Roger!! We're following along and loving it.
    Keep posting! Love from your eastern leg, Linda, Peter and Serena

  2. Tomorrow we go for the Donner Summit. Hopefully we will not have to resort to eating each other! Can't wait to see you and the big red barn.


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