Tuesday, September 6, 2016

137: Southern Hospitality

We are staying tonight in a little park in Collinwood, Tennessee. It's just off the Natchez Trace Parkway, which we will be taking for several days as we head southwest towards our eventual rendezvous with Texas.
Daffo and Harley

The local fire department is kind enough to leave the back door open so that we can use the restroom in their facility. And the Wayne County Welcome Center offers showers, coffee and some great cookies to travelers every day 'til 5:00.  Volunteers Daffo and Harley were super helpful and had lots of information about the Trace, other attractions in the area, lodging, etc. Be sure to stop in to the Center if you are riding or motoring down this scenic, historic road.

This is our first camping night in some time. We would like to camp more often, but it's funny how far the campgrounds are from where we tend to be.  According to the Adventure Cycling route guide, "facilities for cyclists are few and far between (including water), so you might need to plan on a few indoor overnights." Yes, indeed! I have put out some feelers for Warm Showers hosts a couple days down the road. We will be looking for laundry facilities soon!

A loving tribute to a lost daughter
We had breakfast this morning in Lil' Miss Emily's Cafe in Pulaski. Her folks have run the cafe for years - it was called "North Fork Restaurant" for a long time - but changed the name to honor their daughter when she passed away in 2008.  They raise money each year to provide a scholarship in her honor for one student from each of the two local area high schools to attend the local college. We put a little contribution in the jar on the counter, for sure. If you feel so moved, the address for the cafe is 426 North Second Street, Pulaski TN 38478.  Steve and Sheila Walker have chosen a lovely way to remember their daughter.

Barns in Tennessee look different from barns in other places. Had you asked me six months ago if there were regional differences in barns, I don't think I would have said yes. But for sure it is the case. If the guy who created that model for the Fisher Price farm set had been from Tennessee, the barn would not have been the same!

Tennessee barns have sloping rather than hipped roofs

A great old barn, Tennessee style

The Natchez Trace Parkway follows along the ancient Indian route between Nashville and Natchez. The road itself was constructed by Army engineers in 1801 and was originally "The Columbian Road."  It's pretty sweet riding - not a lot of cars, good surface, pretty surroundings and lots of stops with historic and scenic impact.  We'll be on it for days!
Shaded and quiet road - ours for 370 miles!

A lovely picnic stop on the Trace

The day's route:  Pulaski to Collinwood, 55.1 miles/6687 to date

Finally on course!

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  1. Don't all proper barns have sloped roofs? That's what I was taught! lol!😄


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