Thursday, September 8, 2016

139: Tupelo honey

Sunrise in Tishomingo
Sunrise at the campsite in Tishomingo - pretty!  And then we had these guests come by the campsite. It's the first time I have had geese come begging!
Looking for handouts

We packed up and rode into Dennis, hoping for breakfast. Turns out the restaurant we were headed for is only open in the evening, but we spotted a grocer and crossed the road to see if there was something to eat there. Then we spied the little "diner" sign next door. Good enough!

We were assailed by an unmistakable smell when we walked in, and one that I haven't experienced in a cafe in years. Yes, we're going to have to ride for a little bit this morning to blow the smell of cigarette smoke off of our clothes!  That's right. In Mississippi, it's okay to smoke in a cafe. At least, it's okay where we had our breakfast this morning.

Crusher (that's the cook and waitress) and her crew, a couple of regulars who were enjoying biscuits and gravy, were all puffing away while we finished our breakfast.  Which was eggs, sausage, toast and coffee. Which was fine - that's what you need for breakfast.  No wheat toast, though. 'We're just a lil' redneck place. White bread only.' Orange juice?  'Nah, nobody 'round here wants any of that healthy stuff.' Roger stepped into the small grocery next door to check but they don't have any either.  I guess Crusher is right! 

Really, I could not make this up!  So after breakfast, off we go, back to the Trace. 

There are some real upsides to riding on it, versus the local roads around here. For one, in the four miles from our cafe back to the Trace, we had two big logging trucks come by. Don't have to put up with those on the Trace. And then, there are the dogs. We had four dogs come after us in those four miles. It seems that the Mississippi hounds are not restrained as were those in Tennessee! 
Ranger Daniel and Kathy with her new vest

We had a NPS Ranger stop us to offer us some safety items. These have been provided through the work of a woman in Kosciusko whose husband was killed riding on the Trace. He gave us a vest, and was looking for the lights but didn't have another set in his truck. So he said we should stop in at the Visitor Center and ask about them.

We did, and had a great talk with the Rangers there about the Trace.  They took a photo for the Natchez Trace Facebook page: 
Great folks at the Visitor Center

So you can go out there and like their page!  I will have the address for the cycling safety fund posted soon, in case you would like to support their efforts. It's a great program.

And then we got to Tupelo, and had to hit the bike shop.  Brian at Bicycle Paceline identified the problem with the bottom bracket that's been causing a worrisome "click" for the past few days. Apparently it was not installed correctly when we had it replaced back in Truckee. 
Brian took care of us

And now I must ask:  where is this Tupelo Honey?  We've been here for several hours and I haven't seen any yet!  But we did have a great meal at the Fairpark Grill downtown, and given the meals we have had lately, that is a great thing!

BTW, Roger is channel surfing while I am working on my post and he has learned from the desk clerk that ABC and NBC have been dropped from Dish Network here in the South!  Go figure!  No network for you!

The day's report:  Tishomingo to Tupelo, 48.5 miles/6801 to date
Bushwacking to exit the Trace

Graves of Confederate soldiers buried along the Trace

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