Friday, September 23, 2016

153: Almost famous

The biggest, smallest store ever!

Rhonda and Kathy - freshman roomies
While touring the country, we have talked with lots of people who are curious about our trip. We have been on the radio (in Canada), we have had a few local newspapers cover our story, and we've had our picture taken countless times by businesses who put photos up on their bulletin boards or Facebook page.

And today, we were featured at a "meet and greet" at my friend Rhonda's bookstore and gift shop, The Lift. So that was pretty awesome!  A couple of my old friends joined us, and Linda and John came, and then several of Rhonda's friends and regular customers came out also, and it was just a grand old time. I felt like we were on a book tour, or something!

Rhonda and mom Lorna

So, this seemed like a good time to claim our fifteen minutes of fame.  Mostly for my own benefit (so I can remember them), and also in case you didn't see the Facebook reference to them, here's the press on our little junket.

So here's some pictures from our little reception last night!
Roger and Kathy at The Lift

I was delighted that Kevin came in from Beaumont, where he was attending a conference, to say hello and visit.  Kevin's another friend from Rice.

Kathy, Kevin and Rhonda

Rhonda and friends
And Patti, who is the daughter of my mom's life-long friend Tessie - which means that she has known me longer than anyone we've seen so far on our trip. We used to play on the blanket together as babies!

Patti and Kathy
Rhonda, Kathy and Terri

The San Juan Islander put a little story in the paper when we were visiting our friends Jeff and Gail:

10K Journey built for two

We were featured in a little article in the on-line version of Life in the Finger Lakes, which you can read here:

Across the country on a bike built for two
Linda and John 

And we had a short interview on the radio when we were in Canada. The radio station gave us a shout out, and we live on in their web pages:  

The Natchez Trace Parkway FB posted us on their site - September 8, 2016

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