Monday, September 26, 2016

156: Another pleasant valley Sunday

We attended church at St Paul's Methodist, where I sang in the choir for many years. This was such a special part of my life, and I am always happy to return and say hello to my friends. Silly me, I completely forgot to get my camera out to snap a picture of Frederica, Diane and Dick, Candy and Weir, and Larry - all of whom joined us for lunch after church.

Then we headed back up to Marguerite and Bruce's home, where we enjoyed a fantastic lamb bolognaise for dinner. We will miss our friends' excellent cooking when we head back into the land of convenience store pizza and Econo Lodge waffles!
St Paul's Methodist, where Roger and I were married
The church interior. Choir loft is below the organ

 And then, as the skies darkened and the clouds grew, I just had to take a shot (over the grocery parking lot, no less!) Because you just don't get better clouds than in Houston.

Five minutes later it was raining - in itself sort of a treat these days

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