Tuesday, September 27, 2016

158: Waltz across Texas

The weather gods were really great to us today! The clouds and rain that we've had the past couple of days in Houston were the result of a small front that moved through the area. It won't last long, but at least today we rode in near-perfect conditions (for the Texas Gulf Coast, anyway!) It was cool in the morning, and by afternoon when it warmed up a bit, we had a nice hazy cloud cover so we were not in the direct sun. Even so, since we had not ridden in a week, it was a pretty long day in the saddle.
Our escort from the Woodlands

Marguerite and Bruce rode with us out to the edge of the Woodlands. We were happy for the escort, as this is one of those designed communities tucked into real woods and there are virtually no landmarks anywhere as you travel within the town.  I told Marguerite that I probably could live there for years and still get lost traveling around between the shopping areas and my home!

The gentle rolling hills are very pretty in this part of Texas, but began to wear us down over time. And - doggone it! - that problem with the rear axle is back, and worse than ever. To bring you up to speed on that issue, Roger had ordered, with the help of the bike technician in Chattanooga, a replacement axle because ours was bent (slightly, but enough to cause the chain to act up.) Well, when we went to get it installed while we were in Houston, he found out that it wasn't long enough. Well, that's just punk! So the guys had everything all apart, and they put it back together, but may not have greased it up really well, or - is it possible? - put the axle in backwards. In any case, the problem is back, and so we are having to be very careful as we come to a stop to keep pressure on the pedals so we don't end up with a big loop of chain clattering about in the spokes. Argh!  It's always something.

A proper Texas Longhorn
We are aiming for Waco, and a visit with my folks, in the next day or so. With luck, the cooler weather will hold out for our trip up there. Here are some pictures from the Texas countryside.

The little restaurant was not open when we went through, but I bet it's hopping on Friday nights!
Yes, those are ashtrays on the tables

The day's report:  The Woodlands to Bryan, 76,7 miles/7492 to date

Here's the route we took

These cows have a pretty swell place to hang out, eh?
And our farewell dinner last night with Marguerite and Bruce.
A very good meal at Los Cucos

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  1. Safe travels for the rest of your adventure! Marguerite and Bruce are the best, so happy she shared you with her girlfriends while visiting The Woodlands!


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