Wednesday, September 7, 2016

138: Middle of nowhere

We are really in the middle of nowhere. Not literally, of course: we're just inside the northern border of Mississippi. But it feels like nowhere! We are staying at the Tishomingo State Park. We had to get back on the bike and ride into town after leaving our packs at our campsite because there's no food here in the state park.
Al fresco barbecue dinner!

There are supposed to be several restaurants in Tishomingo, but they've closed. So we got some barbecue from the grocery store and sat in the park and had a picnic supper at the gazebo. We picked up something that we could eat for breakfast in the morning at the camp site, and we rode back into the park to set up our campsite. And this is one of the larger towns that we will be visiting while we are on the Trace!

Which, by the way, was lovely to ride on again today. It is a nice road, with very little traffic, and a good bit of it is shaded so it's not too hot.  Until you are riding in the sun. Which does eventually find you.
Buzzard Roost Spring on the Trace

The old road

Last night we camped out. It was warm enough that I really did not sleep well at all. Right now I'm dictating my post from the restroom at the campsite, because it is air-conditioned! Actually thinking if I can't get to sleep tonight I may come sit in here and sleep in the bathroom where it's cool. And that sort of sums up what it's like to be a bicycle tourist, in a nutshell.
It won't kill you.

Lunch was a miserable slice of pizza at the convenience store just off the road. And we had butterflies free loading all day, catching a ride down the road.
Stowaway butterfly

I will add my photos to the post later. We don't have any connectivity out here at the park. So check back later if you'd like to see them.


The day's report:  Collinwood to Tishomingo, 65.7 miles, 6752 to date

The route:  On the Trace


  1. I figured 95 miles from Collinwood to Tupelo was a stretch. Glad you found a park.

    ps - It will be getting warmer and humider the next 1000 miles!

    1. That's just what we're looking for!! Can't you order up some fall weather for us?

  2. It was great meeting both of you in the Visitor's Center this afternoon. I look forward to following the rest of your trip. Have fun and be safe.

    1. Thanks so much for coming along on our journey.

  3. I rode the northern half in June. Nice road but lots of hills, very little shade and no food. Maybe the southern half is better. Good luck.

    1. Food and lodging is a bit of an issue. But we are mostly enjoying shaded riding along this portion of the Trace. Thanks for posting!


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