Sunday, July 3, 2016

72: Land of 10,000 lakes

Baling hay from the ditch
Here we are in Minnesota. Our ninth state! So far we have seen a lot of corn fields, some soybean fields, and more trees in two days than we saw in all of South Dakota. Plus, as in South Dakota, we see that the farmers and ranchers are harvesting the grasses along the road side. This augments their hay stores for the winter. I've never seen this before, but then I have not ridden through ranchland like this.

Welcome to Minnesota
On our ride today, our Warm Showers host Mark rode out to join us. That was a first.  We have had several ride out  with us, but Mark is the first to meet us on the road. It was a relatively short day, and we've enjoyed visiting with our hosts, doing laundry and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, just like normal folks.

Meeting Mark on the road
Celeste demonstrated her skill at spinning yarn, and we were fascinated by the explanation of how the process works - from assisting with shearing the animal, to washing the fleece, cleaning in, dying it, and finally spinning it into yarn. There's amazing craft and art involved in all of this.

Mark on the road
Now, we're chilling while we watch the Tour de France, and there are strawberry shortcakes waiting . . . So I think this will be a short post!

The day's report: Canby to Montevideo, 49 miles/3493 miles to date

Celeste with spinning wheel

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