Friday, July 22, 2016

91: Port to port to port

Chef Kim at Windjammer - GO!
We continue to ride along the north shore of Lake Erie, connecting the dots that are the small port cities along our routes.  We had a late start because we were enjoying breakfast at Windjammer, the B and B/restaurant where we stayed last night. Without a doubt, this was the best breakfast we have had in 4,500 miles. It may well be the best breakfast I've ever had - a luscious omelette with roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and brie. Oh, my! And proper scones: small, rich, studded with dried cherries. Dinner last night was equally fantastic. I had roast chicken prepared with a Greek spice rub and tzatziki sauce. Yum!

Our third day in Canada introduced some new crops:  tobacco, asparagus, cherries, apples.

We have missed the season for asparagus, unfortunately!
We also saw a sign announcing a need for workers to help pick squash, peppers, and melon. So those must be coming soon.  And, like in the States, there are lots of escaped asparagus plants growing in the ditches along the side of the road. If I lived here, you can be sure I would be out foraging, stalking the feral asparagus in the early spring!
Tobacco was once a big crop in the area

We also began to see a few glimpses of the Lake from the road. But again - not like I expected for a road called Lakeshore!
I have never seen a sign like this
Finally a glimpse of the lake!

Many small towns along the coast were once ports, and so there are lighthouses . . . always fun to see.
Port Burwell lighthouse

We are staying tonight with a Warm Showers host, Klaas, at the Triple C Camp near Port Ryerse. He's fixed dinner for us and now we are watching the Tour - Yay!  His home is right on the lake, above the lake by about 70 feet. It's a beautiful view.
View of the lake from outside Klaas's place

At last!

The day's report:  Port Stanley to Ryerse, 59.2 miles/4585 to date.

Tomorrow another milestone:  We will begin our fourth month on the tour.

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