Thursday, July 7, 2016

75: Twin Cities Tour

Frank took us into Minneapolis along the bike trails from Minnetonka,
Great train model in Wayzata

and brought us around many of Minneapolis's sights: the new stadiums, the great river bridges, the new Guthrie Theater, Minnehaha Falls, and the old-made-new again mills, factories and such that are the center of a booming, thriving downtown center. Minneapolis is awesome!
Monuments of a different sort visible from the trails

We have made it to the Mississippi River!
Guthrie Theater

Most of this, we did on a series of bike trails and routes that wind over and through the entire city. They have really put the infrastructure in for cycling, and this in a city where one might claim, "but we can only ride half the year!"
New stadium for the Vikings looks like a ship

Minnehaha Falls

Even so, the Minneapolis bike system and parks overall have won the prize for best parks several years running. I can see why.
An old mill, partially destroyed by fire, has been integrated into the city's museum celebrating the mills.

We arrived at my niece Janet's home in the "50th and France" neighborhood of Minneapolis. Keith had prepared a wonderful pot roast, and we ended the day catching up with the Tour de France. A day to plan our attack on Wisconsin is next, then we will head east toward the ferry and Michigan.
Lisa and Frank bid farewell

The day's report:  Mound to Minneapolis, 46.5 miles/3657 to date


  1. They may only be able to ride their trails half of the year but I'm sure they cross country ski them once the snow settles in! The year I lived in Minneapolis, 1984 we had 100" of snow and I got around on road country skis! Enjoying your blog very much, Kathy! Keep it up!

  2. Good to see you enjoyed real Scottish hospitality in Minnesota. Frank is my brother and he told me about your wonderful adventure this evening on Skype. What an inspiration and what's the next big idea!


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