Thursday, July 21, 2016

90: Lake Erie

Well, I thought that today we would be riding along the shore of the lake, but I was wrong! The road was probably no more than one or two clicks (kilometres) from the shore, but there was no road down there. Or, the few roads that headed south to the shore were gravel, and did not connect one to another. So instead, we rode past miles of corn, soybeans, and shaved wheat fields again!

We reached our destination for the night at Port Stanley, and there we were able to walk down after dinner to see the lake. I was gobsmacked!
Enjoying the shore on Lake Erie
It looked like the beach at Galveston, on the Texas Gulf Coast. Big sandy shore, smallish waves coming in, tons of seagulls, and the water mostly undistinguished in color. Where was the brilliant aqua blue of Lake Michigan? The two could not be more different!

Riding along the farmland, I was able to get shots of some of the pretty barn quilts.  Here is a sample for you to enjoy.

There are also wind turbines here and there along the farms, and a good number of the fields have solar arrays as well as corn. A bit further down the road, we saw signs saying, "Stop the wind turbines" so obviously there are both fans and detractors here on the north shore.

You see wind turbines in the fields, along with solar arrays.
If not for the trees growing through the windows, this house would fall
We stopped at a farm stand and bought blueberries, plums and tomatoes, which we ravenously consumed. It is SO GOOD to have fruits and vegetables again!

The day's report: Ridgetown to Port Stanley, 53.3 miles, 4525 to date
Farm fresh goodies - and reduce those prices by .8!

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