Sunday, July 31, 2016

100: On the edge of a large, dark forest

Just about when we hit 5000 miles!
We hit two major milestones today: this is our 100th day on the road, and we passed the 5,000 mile mark. It's amazing, even to us, that we have come this far. Several times today, when we stopped for a meal or a break, we chatted with folks that were interested in our journey and surprised to learn we'd come from Southern California. So am I!
Looking like rain today

The ride was not quite so steep and rolling as yesterdays. While we had rain forecast, and did get sprinkles, it was not ever enough to even bother putting our jackets on and the clouds kept things cool.

We stopped at a convenience store to get a bite about 10 miles from our destination, and I was talking with a fellow who used to own a little hotel over here. He asked where we were staying, and when I said, "the Adirondack Hotel" he acted like it was a dump or something. He said the Lodge on Long Lake was "the nicest place" and suggested we might want to change our reservation.

A local landmark
But we got here, and this is what we found: An old-style hotel, originally built in 1850, and just perfect for us. We enjoyed our dinner in the restaurant, and our drink up on the balcony overlooking the lake, and could not be happier. And, how often do you get Victorian bric-a-brac with a moose?
At the front desk

 So - whatever floats your boat, mister!

The day's report:  Thendara to Long Lake, 52.9 miles/5039 to date

Long Lake at Sunset


  1. Beware ............. of lice and ticks and bees oh my!

  2. Y'all are amazing!!! Congrats on 5000!!!

  3. We've had dinner at the Adirondack Hotel when camping - you're in our neck of the woods now! love, Linda


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