Monday, July 25, 2016

94: Nothing to see here, folks . . .

Really. We are taking a rest day in Lewiston. Having gone almost 600 miles in the nine days since we left Traverse City, we just needed a day off the bike.

Roger has done a bit of repair on this Silver Queen (we had another broken spoke - disturbing) and we stopped in at the CVS to pick up some toiletries and what not.  We're just lazing about the hotel room, catching up on the financial stuff and blogging, and happy to be indoors last night when a great storm moved through the area. In fact, it was raining when we woke up, and nothing is sweeter than knowing that you don't have to get out of bed on a rainy day!

We have planned out the next week or so of our travels, and are looking forward to seeing old friends as we cross New York.  Then we'll visit with Roger's half-sister Lisa in Vermont, and make the turn to head back home.

Approaching the mid-point of our trip is an interesting feeling. Still so far to go, and yet we will soon be on the return portion - wow!

Okay - so there is something to see.  Here is a map with our progress so far!


  1. I'm starting to think you can make it 😃

  2. Impressive. I also think you can make it.

  3. Are you still in the pool? Liz said that there was a set of friendly wagers regarding how long we would last!


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