Sunday, July 10, 2016

79: Wisconsin, plain and simple

We headed out about 8:00 after bidding our hosts farewell. 
Who's that with Roger?
Adam, Charlotte and Wyatt
And as we left, I thought perhaps we might have a stowaway on the bike! 

Charlotte may have chosen her top in our honor this morning, don't you think?

Stopped to get a breakfast sandwich, and we're sitting outside, looking at that storm front. We've been told by some folks coming from the east that it is raining behind us. Maybe we will stay ahead of this front, maybe not! 
There's a beautiful cadence to the buggies going by

The Amish are on the roads this morning, perhaps to worship. We have seen half-a-dozen passing by while we eat our breakfast sandwich. They really have some beautiful horses, and there is a quiet poetry to their passage in the buggies. Perversely, even though they wish to be plain, and unadorned, they are beautiful in their simplicity and grace.

Happy Holsteins
Our host last night, Adam, is a game warden for the state of Wisconsin. It was interesting to have him talk about what he does and how hunting is administered in the state. Back to the Amish, he said they present a bit of a problem because they do not want to wear the blaze orange that is required of all hunters. I guess it is considered adornment. But they do have orange triangles on the back of their buggies to alert drivers to their slow passage. You'd think they could accommodate the orange on their clothing in the same manner. Anyway, it's interesting to see all these cultures merge. I enjoyed riding past their farms as we continued on the road. 

Black eyed susan-ish, but not quite!
Wildflowers today included the wonderful "ditch lillies" and yellow sunflowers. I am also seeing lots of milkweed, which makes me wonder if they have a lot of monarch butterflies up here later. 

And we passed a huge processing plant for Del Monte. So that's where all the fresh vegetables go! They had big trucks just off-loading what looked like green beans the way a dump truck spills gravel. And yet you cannot get a vegetable in a restaurant here to save your life! It's all potatoes, "salad" (mostly of iceberg lettuce, a few tomato pieces, and shredded cheese) or cole slaw. I am dying for some veggies!
These are called "ditch lillies"

This plant was as big as the Amazon center near Redlands.
Those of you reading from Redlands, the Del Monte plant we passed was about the size of the Amazon fulfillment center that we ride past over in San Bernardino. It stretched for a quarter mile or more. 

Those clouds did finally let some rain loose on us, and though it was never a big deal, I'm going to put Wisconsin in the "yes, it rained on us" column. 

We are staying in a great old Victorian B and B in Amherst. If you know anyone who is interested in running a small inn, it's for sale. Eight guest rooms, furnished and in good shape. They are asking $350,000 for the business, turn-key!  We were shocked. Maybe I need to move to Wisconsin?  Nah!

The day's report: Neillsville to Amherst, 74.5 miles/3897 to date
Wanna run a B and B in Amherst, WI?

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