Friday, July 8, 2016

76: Our house is a very very very fine house . . .

There's only one cat here at Janet and Keith's house, but he is cat enough to handle any situation!
Keith and Janet's very very very fine house

Jack the cat - "I'm ready for my close-up"!

Roger and I enjoyed resting for the day at my niece's cute home here in the heart of Minneapolis's happening neighborhood at 50th and France. We thought that was just the literal description of the geographic location, but it turns out this is a shopping and dining destination for the city.

So we were able to walk over for some lunch while they were at work, and later we had a great dinner at Abrezzo, the corner Italian restaurant.  Too bad that we discovered Thursday is half-price wine night! I have a feeling Thursday at Abrezzo is going to be a regular thing for the McCoy household!

Great dinner just a few blocks from home

We said our good-byes this morning and they headed off to work, we to ride. I remember those "casual Friday" days - now all my days are casual!
Ready to roll!

Roger and I mapped out our planned route across Wisconsin, dealt with two months of mail and tried to relax. It's not that easy. When we are not on the bike, it's easy to get anxious and feel we should be getting on with it.

I did my best to calculate the remainder of our route based on our Adventure Cycling maps and where we wanted to go, and once I did that, I felt a bit better. It looks, at this point, like we will still be able to get through our itinerary and make it home before the weather becomes an issue. Of course - that is all subject to change, and no one can predict the weather!

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  1. Cool! I somehow missed that you stayed with your niece. How fun. She is all grown up now! Call me!


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