Monday, July 25, 2016

92: Summers at the lake

Sunrise from Klaas's spot above Lake Erie
Klaas on the road
Today we finally got to do what I thought we would be doing all along: we rode on the shore of Lake Erie, viewing the lake and enjoying the breeze (and thankful that it was mostly from behind us!). After having a bite of "brekkie" (breakfasts in Canada are a great deal - often under $7.00 Canadian for eggs, meat, potatoes and toast, plus coffee!) with our Warm Showers host Klaas in Port Dover, we bid him farewell and headed for a day of small cottages, B and B inns, rather more lavish homes and camps all plunked right on the shore. Maybe because it was a summer Saturday, or just a nice day (if rather warm and steamy) but everyone was out, folks were enjoying the lake in boats or splashing about or just relaxing on their porches - and I actually felt a part of it instead of just a spectator. We just happened to be riding a bike to enjoy the nice day!
With Klaas at the Port Dover lighthouse

Lake Erie is far cleaner now than it was in my youth.  No more fires and there is less industry and agriculture dumping pollutants into the lake. Paradoxically, even the infestation of the zebra mussels have "cleaned up" the lake, which then creates more clarity and allows the algae to grow along the warmest spots of the shore.
Nice views of the lake all day

The storm of a day or so ago brought some of this to the shore, so here and there it had that funky lake smell.  But hey - it's a lake! A Great Lake. So it smells like a lake now and then. Mostly, it was just beautiful. Down to the eastern end, the water picked up that blue and green that I was expecting.

Another quilt barn
Pedestrians, too!
By the way, the Canadians are crazy about their flag! Just about every other home is flying the maple leaf.  It is a delight to see. Even this barn quilt square honored the flag.

Norfolk county has the best "share" signs we have seen. Including the pedestrians is a great idea. While motorists might begrudge a cyclist from time to time, not many are going to try to gun down a person walking on the roadside. So I think it both heightens the senses, and moderates the antagonism. Not that the Canadians are rough with cyclists! Throughout the country so far, all have been courteous and passed safely, with moderate speed.
Another small lighthouse

In one of the small summer colonies, we happened upon a lemonade stand. Except that this is really a "lemon-AIDE" stand. The cousins raise money to assist their aunt in a special program to help children in Kenya continue their schooling. I don't think I've ever had such delicious lemonade!
Raising money to support education in Kenya

We had another great evening visiting with Warm Showers hosts Dan and Lynn.  They have a place right on the lake, and prepared a great supper for us. We thoroughly enjoyed having a chance to kick back like we were just enjoying a summer night on the lake - like normal folks!

View from Dan and Lynn's place on the lake
The day's report: Vittoria to Port Colborne, 76.3 miles/4661 to date


  1. Great adventure kathy! Sure you enjoy every single second of your stay. Have you tried paddleboarding? SUP Red Deer


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