Thursday, July 7, 2016

74: Lights out on Minnetonka

Today was a very special day for me. We are staying with my colleague from my first big consulting gig - at the University of Minnesota - and his partner. Frank and Lisa are cooking dinner right now by the light of our little camp lights, because we have lost power due to a great storm that has come in.

Frank on the road
Which is really pretty exciting to us, because usually we are out on the bike when the storms hit! This time, we are safe inside.

Perfect trail surface
Frank came out to Hutchinson to ride in to Mound with us, which we did on two very nice bike trails. Minnesota has lots of "rail trails" for cyclists. The Luce trail is being paved county by county, so parts are still gravel or undeveloped. The Dakota trail was smooth, often running through shady trees that met overhead - just perfect!

Taking a break on the trail

Frank and Lisa live on Lake Minnetonka, and we had a great tour of the lake by boat as the storm clouds began to accumulate.
Lisa waves goodbye

This is the life!

Captain Frank and Roger

Roger in a rare moment of relaxation
Not 20 minutes after we were safely back on shore, the storm hit, with high winds and pounding rain.

It was awesome! Not too long after that, the power went out, which Frank had predicted. "We have lots of trees out here, and often one will fall on a line and . . . " Well, it's just part of the Excellent Adventure!  We have gotten our headlamps out, and the dinner is just about ready, and so - enjoying the thunder and lightning, we are about to break bread with our friends.

Storm clouds are building on the lake
Amen to that!

Lisa finishes dinner by camp light
The day's report:  Hutchinson to Mound, 43.7 miles/3610 to date

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