Tuesday, July 26, 2016

95: Six degrees of Gary Goble

Do you know this man?
Now if you have ever played that fun little parlor game called "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon," you should know what this post is about. We were riding along the Erie Canal path (more on that later) and chatting with another couple (on separate bikes) who were interested in our tandem. They have a Burley tandem, but did not bring it on this trip east. They had met someone last summer, though - when they were in Colorado - that also rides a tandem, and mentioned that they should go see the factory, since they were so close. A DaVinci. And so we had to ask - did they remember his name? Was he slender, and nice-looking, with great grey hair? Yes, he was. And so I found a picture of our friend Gary from Colorado, who rides a DaVinci with his wife, Joanne, and said, "is this the guy?"

YES! And how amazing is that? Gary, do you recognize Zack and Eva from a year ago?
Eva from Las Vegas

And in the "small world" category, Gary (and Joanne) also claim a long-term friendship with Roger's cousin Sue Vreeland Sander, who played in the Denver Symphony with them.  They discovered this link because Roger's cousin Jacque, in touch with Sue about some things from her mother's estate that she thought Sue might like to have, mentioned that her cousin Roger was doing this bike ride around the country. And then Joanne mentioned to Sue at some point that their friends, Roger and Kathy, were doing this bike ride around the country. Could these be the same Roger?

YES! And that was how we came to be connected to a cousin that Roger has never met before.

A little later in the morning, we stopped to have a bite and met a woman who recently moved from Las Vegas to California. We enjoyed visiting with her, and learned that her boyfriend is a cyclist in Las Vegas. As are the couple that we were visiting with on the bike path!  So here is a challenge for Zack and Eva, and Cassie from California:  Let's find out if Cassie's boyfriend knows Zack!  If you are reading the blog, leave a comment with his name, and we will see how many degrees of Gary Goble we have here!

Another challenge:  Cassie's sister Julie Waters works at Cornell, where my friend Michael Lynn is a member of the faculty. So I bet that there is someone in common that they know, and that would be another couple degrees of Gary Goble!

Selfie, with canal
And now for the day's ride along the canal: great weather, tailwind, the surface not paved (mostly) but fine crushed gravel that was okay to ride on (mostly) and so interesting to pass along this great old canal and imagine the mules pulling the boats through the state. We sang several "worker songs" in commemoration as we rode. I had such a big grin on my face all day I attempted a selfie with canal.  What do you think?

We are camping at the Welcome Center in the town of Brockton. They have space available, and give you a card key for the restrooms (with showers!) that are there. Even a laundry room if you need it. So if you are passing through this way on the canal, you need to make a stop.  Just to say, "thank you!" even if you don't stay.

The day's report:  Lewiston to Brockport, 63 miles

Riding along the Erie Canal
Cozy camp right on the canal, thanks to the good folks of Brockton


  1. right next to the Stoneyard Brewing Co I see.

  2. How did you know? And yes, it is!

  3. Hello Kathy! Zach and I so enjoyed chatting and riding with you that day! Right now we are camping in Cartier Park and tomorrow taking the historic ferry, the SS Badger, as per your recommendation. Hoping to learn Cassie's boyfriend's name to find out if Zach knows him!

    1. Glad to hear from you! If I ever get a post from Cassie I will let you know.

    2. PS - heard from Joanne and Gary, who send their best wishes!

  4. Yes, we do remember Eva and Zach! We wished there had been more time to get to know them better. Zach and Eva, have a great ride and hope you enjoyed the Lake Michigan crossing! Small world to have run into Kathy and Roger.

  5. I owned a daVinci but my ex husband got it.... does that qualify for anything?

    1. Assuming the company is small, sure - you must be cross-related to Gary Goble through a commpany employee!


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