Monday, August 1, 2016

101: Well, it just goes to show . . .

Valerie and Eric
Only the other day I wrote that we did not expect to see any more tourists on the road as we traveled east, since it was hard to imagine that anyone would be starting out on a cross-country tour this late. Well - I was wrong! Today we ran across Valerie and Eric, who are from San Diego, and are just a couple of weeks into their trip across the US back to San Diego. They started in Maine, and will be winding south and west right across the heart of the nation. They are planning to pick up the southern route to finish, and think they'll probably be home in early November. They will probably be getting there just about the time that we are getting home! So happy travels to these two!  (By the way, they looked so fresh and rested - I was jealous!)

We had sort of a precarious start to our day. We awoke to rain, which was actually all right because we did not have a long day, and we could wait it out. And it's very pleasant to lie in bed and listen to rain, and know that you don't have to get out in it!

There was a "continental breakfast" at our hotel, but it was not-great coffee and a packaged Danish, so Roger suggested we go on down the road to the next town, Newcomb, which had a restaurant and we could eat breakfast there. Only 16 miles, so okay - that's a plan. And there was a break in the weather, so we decided we'd rather ride in the clearing than sit in a restaurant and possibly get wet later on.

BUT - Newcomb, it turns out, isn't much of a town. There used to be a restaurant, but it's closed now. For sale. There is an ice cream shop, and they have food, but not until noon, when they open. We learned all this when we pulled into a little shop that rents canoes and kayaks there on the Hudson River. No, there's really nothing for about 28 miles down the road, she said. However, she had a small store of provisions that she stocked, just for this purpose. She said she knew that Newcomb was on the cycling route, and that people came through - like us - looking for something to eat.

Flatbread, peanut butter, dried cherries
So Roger and I bought some flatbread and some trail mix and some bars, and I rustled around in the packs for a couple little sachets of peanut butter that I had stashed, and I found the dried cherries that we'd gotten in Traverse City, and there you go!  Sort of a road warrior version of "ants on a log" like the kids eat. At least we didn't starve.

We kept an eye on the weather as we rode, not that there is anything much you can do about it. If it rains, it rains! We started to get a few sprinkles right when we turned onto Route 9, and being a wienie, I made Roger stop and I put on my jacket. He was right, though. It lasted just a few minutes and then quit. However, not too very long after we arrived at our destination, the skies opened up and it POURED. We were very glad to be indoors by this time!

Looking for rain any minute
On our route here, we passed the Adirondack Buffalo Company. They have a herd of buffalo, which they market. They also have baked goods, which we were happy to enjoy. And I finally got my cup of coffee! Ironic that we traveled several thousand miles through the west, and never saw any bison. Had to come to New York for that!

The accessory of choice up here for SUVs and wagons is the kayak-head.  They remind me of those little hats the snazzy British women wear - the "fascinators." It seems everyone up here is heading for a stream or lake to paddle about.


We are staying tonight in a perfectly wonderful B and B called the Silver Spruce Inn.  It's near Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks, and it's lovely. The main part of the house was built in 1790, and it has some of the most interesting features I have ever seen. I am typing now in a room under a wall that swings up to the ceiling so that you can make one room or two. It's just fascinating! The walls in the addition (circa 1920) are all Western Red Cedar. They are beautiful.
The Silver Spruce Inn, circa 1790

One last photo at the end of the scene as we left this morning. The clouds and sky reflected in the water were so beautiful at Long Lake.
Morning scene from Long Lake

The day's report:  Long Lake to Schroon Lake, 42.9 miles/5082 to date

Today's route

Interior hallway with western red cedar plank walls
New York's bison herd

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