Wednesday, August 3, 2016

102: Making the turn for home

Well, here it is! Today we arrived at the home of Roger's half-sister, Lisa - to be greeted by a welcoming party!  We were thrilled to be with family here all the way across the US.
John, Lisa, Wondu and Kelemua
We had given them an update when we got the ferry, but then it took longer to make it up to Burlington than we thought. So they'd been waiting for us for a while. 
We made it! 

Vermont is our 14th state (including the Canadian province of Ontario), and it's the furthest from home that we will be. From here on in, we'll be getting closer, not farther, from our home.

We left this morning from the beautiful Silver Spruce Inn after a great breakfast prepared by our hostess, Phyllis. She and Eldon are great hosts, and if you planning to be in the area, you should definitely make this a stop!
Gardens at the Silver Spruce Inn
The Adirondacks are really heavily forested, and it was still a bit gloomy in the morning, so when we came out of the woods and got nearer to Lake Champlain it was great to see the sun again.  This is beautiful country! 

Upstate New York
The ferry ride was quick.  We were on the Grand Isle, the first ferry that made the crossing a bit further north (from Grand Isle itself) back in the early 50s. She was the first to go through the ice in the winter. 

From the ferry landing, Essex, New York
Crossing to Vermont on the Grand Isle
The Vermont countryside is also lovely
The day's report: Schroon Lake to Burlington, 62 miles/5144 to date
And here's the whole crew:
Why we came to Vermont: Roger and Kathy with Lisa, John, Kelemua and Wondu

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