Sunday, August 14, 2016

114: Back in the saddle again

Roger and I got back on the bike this morning to begin our journey home.  Hoping to beat the heat up here, we were up before dawn, and after breakfast with Lyn (bless her heart, she got up with us at dark-thirty!) we were on the road by 6:20. The day was not as bad as yesterday. Which is to say, it only got to the low nineties, and the humidity stopped short of "dripping wet"!
Early morning on the road

Stone fences are everywhere
The stone fences around here are so beautiful. Most are stacked without mortar. They are a defining element of the landscape. We also passed many old stone houses. They are fabulous! Some of the towns in this part of the state were established in the early part of the eighteenth century. Something we passed today dated from 1695.  I think it was a church, because I remember thinking, "wow - it would be tough to be the new minister and have to contend with a 320 year legacy in the congregation!"
You can huff and you can puff, but you won't blow this house down!

We got to our destination in mid-afternoon, beating today's shower by a good bit. It's an old hotel and restaurant, and both are nice - with just one problem:  we had to get the tandem up the steep and narrow stairs (19 of them) and through the narrow hallway.  That was a chore!
Had to push/pull the tandem up these

It's just about as wide as the hallway
The day's report: Woodstock to Port Jervis, 68.6 miles/5456 to date

Route for the day - You can see how choppy the terrain is by the sawtooth pattern.

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