Tuesday, August 16, 2016

116: Going around in circas

Everything around here is so old - we are staying in one inn that was build in 1792, and another down the road is "circa 1710" - and the towns were established well before the American Revolution.  We are just a stone's throw from Washington Crossing. (No, we won't go down that way on this trip. Been there before!)  We're presently across the river from Bucks County, PA. All day long we've traveled along the Delaware River.
One fine old home

Delaware River at Stockton bridge

The road has been pitchy again. There was a bike path on the old canal route, but it's gravel and that does take a toll on the loaded tandem, so we opted for the road. Again, we are hitting 12 % and more often. And just for good measure, we made a wrong turn so that we got some "bonus climbing" this morning. Oh, well. The downhill as we retraced our steps to get back on course was nice.

Still pretty hot and muggy, though better than the weekend was. We didn't get as early a start, as we were staying in a nicer hotel that offered some breakfast so we didn't get out until nearly 8 am.

I love the patois of the Jersey folk. I keep thinking that I have wandered onto the set of a TV sitcom. All the older gents remind me of George Costanza's father on Seinfeld. I'm sure they would be appalled, as I think he's a New Yorker, and certainly the Jerseyites don't want to be mistaken for New Yorkers. But still. To my uninformed ears, it's all just a delight!
Working with maps and routes

Roger and I are trying to figure out how we can get around the country and into Texas before we run out of time. We have a half dozen Adventure Cycling maps but I think we are going to abandon them and take as direct a route southwest as we can manage. If we miss you due to this revision, don't take it personally - we just can't be at at this forever!

The day's report: Belvidere to Stockton, 49.2 miles/5563 to date

The route:  Check back later!
The Woolverton Inn - quite a find!


  1. Home is like a magnet - when going away it just seems like friction pulling on you. But when you rotate back it is a magic power that drives you faster and faster (i.e,. the displeasure at a return home flight delay is much greater than a departure - at least on a business trip)!

  2. Kind of like those trail horses you rent on an excursion.

  3. Best of luck to you both as you complete your journey. It was a pleasure to host you at the Woolverton Inn and we wish you fine weather and many pleasant downhill routes as you head toward home.


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