Thursday, August 11, 2016

110: Ew - remember that nasty fall Roger took?

Well, we had a little set-back today.  All the guitar playing apparently irritated Roger's elbow, which was also injured in the fall that he took about a month ago.  He got a small puncture wound that day, which seemed to have cleared up.

Dr Gulati and Roger
But this morning, he woke up with it hot and swollen, and after Lisa took a look at it (she is a nurse) she said, "you need to go to the doctor."  There is a medi-clinic in Kingston, so Roger and I headed over there after breakfast. The doctor said the bursa was infected, and prescribed some antibiotics that should take care of the problem.

Back at camp, I did some blacksmithing today! I created a small hangar for a plant or lantern. That's just what we need, right?  Some wrought iron to carry on the tandem.  Good thing there is a post office nearby. The girls also enjoyed working at the forge.
Violette with her ironwork

Other fun from the day - singing, dancing, cartwheeling, puppet shows. It's such a change from the steady circular motion we've been focusing on for the past three months. We are working different parts of our bodies, and our brains, and it's difficult - and fun!

Shadow puppets - farewell, Jay!

View from the covered bridge
Practicing our clogging

Dana rocks the hula hoop

Cousins Opal and Violette
Phebee's shadow show


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