Tuesday, August 30, 2016

130: We're heading west, to the Cumberland Gap and Johnson City, Tenn-eh-seeeee

Yeah, I know. That's not how the song goes. It's not really what we are doing, either - we are going further south, and won't be entering Kentucky. And, what's more, the song as originally written is just not possible - the Cumberland Gap is sort of northwest of Johnson City and you wouldn't expect a trucker to take that route for any reason - but heck! you just gotta sing it anyway when you are out here in eastern Tennessee and honest to goodness riding your bicycle through Johnson City.  Which, by the way, the locals pronounce sort of like "Johnnssity"!
Repairs on the road

We left early again today, we made it through Johnnssity, and somewhere around when we thought it was time to find something to eat for lunch, Roger pulled the bike up and said, "We broke a cable." We were fortunate that we weren't far from a lunch stop.  It was the back cable that went, leaving us in the small cog, but we were able to get up the last hill and into the Wendy's, where he replaced the cable and got everything working again.  While the packs were off the bike, he got a good look at the back tire, and determined it was time to replace it, so he took care of that also. Good thing we carry spares, as there was no bike shop in the area until Newport, still some thirty miles away.  And good thing that Roger is able to make these repairs on the road!

So we didn't get in as early as we'd planned, given the extra-long lunch and repair break, but we did find a Best Western in the shadow of the Cracker Barrel, and that is where I am about to lay my head for the night.

By the way, we started the day in Elizabethton, where we made a little detour to ride through the covered bridge.
And we had a nice start to the day on the Tweetsie Trail, which runs from Johnnssity to Elizabethton. We got some great views of the Smokies in the early morning sun.

Sunlight on the cliffs
Early morning scene
This road was great! Lightly traveled, and not so steep all the time!
About dogs:  So far, most of them have been restrained. They bark at us and leap against their chains, or run along the fence line. Twice today we had loose dogs, though - which I had to sternly tell, "Go back!" until they left us alone. Good thing, too - because we were climbing and they could have easily outrun us!

The day's report:  Elizabethton to Newport, 73.9 miles/6250 to date.

Several long days lately - we have gone 213 miles in the past three days, with 10K feet of climbing. I am ready for an easier day!

Here's the route for today

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  1. Looks like you may be south of Knoxville, but if you get north stop in Oak Ridge and see the Atomic Museum - about a 1-2 hour visit covers it.


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