Sunday, August 14, 2016

113: It was a dark and stormy night

Roger and I enjoyed chilling at his sister Lyn's home in Woodstock, New York.  Yup, that Woodstock. But it's not what you think. The town is oh-so-chic, in a slightly bohemian, "let's go to the country today" sort of way.
A town with its own coffee blend
Made with local coconut? Doubt it!

You have to get up early to see the local hippies wending their way down the main drag. By midday, the place is crawling with hipsters from NYC and tourists from just anywhere, enjoying a bit of window shopping or local ice cream (from perfectly content cows, grazing just up the road.)

My wrought iron hangar heads for home in a box
Lyn dropped me by the post office so I could send a few more things home:  our passports!  Finally, I can get rid of them. For 4400 miles, they stayed safe in my chest pouch with my phone, so we could get in and out of Canada. What a heavy burden they felt to me. Only a few grams in weight, but I was  constantly aware of them, and concerned that I would lose them somewhere along our journey.  I was delighted to put them into the box with my beautiful hangar (that I made at Ashokan Family Camp, with some serious assistance from the blacksmith.)
Happy to send these home!

We had a wonderful dinner at a local eatery featuring local fare, of course. While there, another one of those fabulous thunderstorms came in. This one was a doozy! We had just finished our meal, and were getting ready to go, when the bottom just fell out of the sky. Lightning and thunder were flashing and booming all around us. We figured that we would stand in the bar and watch the Olympics for a bit, rather than getting wet outside.  But then the next crash came right on top of the blinding glare of the lightning - and the lights went out! We decided to make a run for it, splashing through the puddles that had already formed on the sidewalk and parking lot.  

Lyn and Roger at the restaurant, before the lights went out

Back at Lyn's house, she had no electricity either, so we put our packs together by candlelight, using our camp light for a little extra visibility. Part way through the night, I woke and was pleased to feel the ceiling fan's breeze - yay! The power was back on! 

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