Wednesday, August 10, 2016

109: Family Camp

This is a very cool place!  We are enjoying all sorts of activities that truly test us, and having a great time visiting with all our kin.
Gathering for the group shot

Everyone here is so talented! I am amazed by the musical jam sessions.  Dana, Wondu and I are trying our hand at clogging - a form of percussive dancing.  Our teacher is fabulous but who knows if we'll get the knack of it before Friday.  Since I only have my Keen sandals and my bike shoes, I am trying it with the bike shoes! They do at least make a bit of noise on the floor.
When he records his album, this will be the cover shot!

And I am trying to hang in there with a song and rhythm class where we are stepping and clapping and slapping while we sing a song. It is so far from my core competencies I am doubled over laughing half the time.

Opal, Violette and Phebee
Roger joined me and Dana today for a harmony singing session, which gave us a chance to sing a lovely folk tune in three part harmony. It was so fun to be able to make music like that with Dana.


Kelemua and Roger with the jigsaw puzzle

Betweeen the classes, we eat, laugh, sing and dance all together. It's been so much fun and we've just been here a day!

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