Sunday, August 7, 2016

106: A little slice of paradise

We had expected some rain in the night, and it came. But everything was battened down securely, so we were not concerned. In the morning, things were wet but it was not raining when Roger got out of the tent to head to the john. I stayed inside, stuffing the sleeping bags and rolling up the sleeping pads, figuring that I would go to the bathroom after he returned.

Well, about the time he got back, we had another little spell of rain, so we just decided to put on our bike clothes and just lie down for another nap. Before too long, the rain stopped again, and we decided to see if we could get everything packed up in the lull.  We timed it just right - there was enough time to get over to the activity tent, where they were making up breakfast sandwiches.
Safe from the storm under the tent

We hadn't figured on being able to eat at the camp, but since they were already just about ready to go, we pulled the tandem under the tent, had a cup of coffee, and waited for a couple of sandwiches. Not five minutes later, the heavens opened up and we had another torrential squall! Lucky for us, we were dry under the tent, the sandwiches were good, and by the time we were ready to go, the rain had stopped.
Rain made everything steamy this morning

Though it was steamy, we did not have more rain on the road.
Cows not in danger at 350 yards

We stopped for a cup of coffee at this little cafe and got a kick out of the adjacent driving range. According to one fellow there, the cows are about 350 yards out and therefore not likely to be hit. I guess maybe Tiger Woods could reach them!

And about halfway through our ride, we found Peter waiting for us on the side of the road!  YAY!
Peter guided us in

He rode us in to Chatham, where we had a great lunch, and then on to the red barn where he, Linda and Serena live. We thought maybe we'd get rained on again - the skies certainly looked threatening - but it was smooth sailing all the way.

Linda was waiting to wave us in!

BFF Linda
The barn is one of my favorite places in the world. Peter has built a beautiful home inside, and made much of the furniture. Both Linda and Peter (he an artist and cabinetmaker, she an artist and architect) have their offices, studios and workshops here. There is a fine garden, a stream, and a woods. We picked fresh veggies from the garden, visited a local stand for fresh sweet corn, and had probably the best meal of our trip yet - fresh corn, beet/carrot/apple salad, kale from the garden, Caprese, baked cod - all so fresh and delicious!
Oh yum! 

After dinner, some neighbors dropped by with a Pavlova - an airy concoction made with meringue, whipped cream and berries. I am quite certain that Peggy and Brian's contribution to our adventure will not be replicated anywhere else!

We will get to enjoy this lovely sanctuary again tomorrow, and then our daughter and grandchildren are going to join us for several days at Family Camp at Ashoken Center.  I am so pleased that Linda will be able to meet the girls, and that they and Dana will be able to see her wonderful home.  We are going to have a family reunion at Ashoken, with Roger's sister, half-sister, daughter and niece and their families all gathering for the first time ever!

The day's report:  Petersburg to Claverack, 54.7 miles/5332 to date

The route profile

This thundercloud did NOT rain on us after all! - view from the front window

The Red Barn

The barn from the back

Garden gate

Path to the woods

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